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Admission is currently ongoing for the 2022/2023 academic session, applicants can download the form by clicking the application button below.

You can download our admission form or register your child for our Online Entrance Examination through this url. Visit Now!



We take personal security very seriously. Our students carry a customized School Bag that is fitted with a panic button, so that whenever a child is distressed or is being attacked by bullies, he/she can easily activate the button. In addition, every student has their ID card fitted with an electronic chip that allows us to know where they are at every point in time.

Once a student is admitted into our premises and clocks in, the parent receives an SMS stating that we have received and taken responsibility of the child. Same process takes place when the child clocks into the hostel or classroom, an SMS is automatically sent to the parents. This happens even when they are exiting the school or going on field trips. Please visit our school at your earliest convenience and our well-trained staff will be happy to take you on a tour of our world class facilities.


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